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Jane Spooner, Buyer Specialist

It’s time! You need a Buyer Specialist working for you!

You’ve searched the internet looking for your next dream home. You have a few saved searches. You know your price range. Maybe you have talked to a lender. Maybe not. You have an idea of what you want; perhaps you even have a few areas picked out. You’re ready to buy. So now what? Now it’s time to put a Buyer Specialist with The Spooner Dunajcik Group to work for you! And, here’s why…

  • We Listen to you
  • We Care about you
  • We Focus solely on you: The Buyer
  • We are Experts in the Real Estate Process
  • We are Skilled Seasoned Negotiators
  • We Know the St. Louis Marketplace
  • We’re professional AND Fun!

It all starts with communication. Real communication only happens when you feel listened to and understood. We start there and stay there. We want to know what is important to you. What are your goals? How do you like to work? We want to know how can we help make this experience a 10 for you? So we start with questions and then we stay with active listening. You need someone that you feel comfortable with. You need someone who you can trust, maybe even have some fun with along the way and that all starts with a solid foundation of listening and communication. We’ve got this! We aren’t in this just to make a commission check. We are in this for the long haul. Our goal is to create Raving Fans! We want you to be happy and thrilled with your experience working with us so you recommend The Spooner Dunajcik Group to ALL your friends and family when they are ready to buy or sell. We begin with the end in mind, so it’s always about making you not just a satisfied client but a true Raving Fan of ours! The only way we know to do that is to care, to truly care about you, to focus on you and your needs and holding your hand step by step from start to finish until you have achieved your goals! When you’ve closed on your new place, we want you thrilled that you choose us to be your Realtor! We’ve got this!

Our Buyer Specialist’s have one and only one job: working with our Buyers. They don’t list properties, that’s our job! They don’t hold open houses. They don’t do marketing. They don’t process paperwork. They don’t take floor time. They aren’t distracted by the million and one tasks that most agents get distracted by because they are trying to be all things to all people. They do one thing and do it well! They sole job? Working exclusively with our Buyers helping them find and secure their new home. Their professional life is all about Buyers! Period. That means we have become experts in helping Buyers. To achieve mastery in anything takes about 10,000 hours of “practice”. Do you want someone practicing on you? Neither do we. So hire The Spooner Dunajcik Group’s Buyer Specialists. We are way past the practice stage and have gone far beyond into true mastery. Hire experts. Hire us! We focus just on buyers, year after year, day after day, hour after hour. We know this process backwards and forwards. We are true full-time professionals who will use our expertise to guide you along the path to you next home. This is not our first rodeo. We’ve got this! We are also skilled seasoned negotiators. We have the experience necessary to know how to protect you and represent your best interests in this market. Let’s face it, you want a good deal. We know that. We know how to balance getting the house you want as well as getting the best deal possible to achieve your goals. One of our favorite definitions of negotiation is to move through, around or over in a satisfactory manner. There are a lot of speed bumps that come up in real estate. You need someone that knows how to negotiate through, around and over on your behalf. You need an investigative tech savvy agent that goes above and beyond in all areas to not just find the right property, but who can make recommendations and advise you on the smartest course of action to secure that property. Once under contract, we are right there to negotiate again on your behalf to help you successfully navigate that all important building inspection. We have the experience in dealing with negotiations, objections and most importantly we know how to persevere and critically think in difficult situations to best benefit you. We’ve got this! The Spooner Dunajcik Group’s Buyer Specialists are native St. Louisian’s with lots of years under our belt. This is our backyard and we have been successfully selling it for decades. We work the St. Louis marketplace day in and day out. You need someone who knows the areas and knows the process. Our Buyer Specialists have extensive knowledge of past and present inventory in St. Louis City and County. We sell a lot of homes a year in and year out which means we know the market. We use that knowledge to your advantage when representing you in the purchase of your home. We’ve got this!